My Wait Is Over

My Wait Is Over

When I was younger, couldn’t see clearly

Often wondered why my bio mother couldn’t be near me

Left me in a home full of children just like me, yet I still felt lonely


They said I had ADHD, a Mood disorder and suffered from depression

In reality, I just didn’t know how to express the feelings of my family’s separation


I woke up everyday fearing the unknown

All because I didn’t have a place to call home

Packing my bags over and over

Feeling like my life was apart of a hostile takeover


I fought

I ran from what I couldn’t understand

I would scream “I hate my life”

In my mind I didn’t think anyone could relate

And when I arrived to my next destination

I refused to participate



New house, New rules

New friends, New Schools

New pills, because I wasn’t given the proper coping skills


Then you came along

I knew your feelings for me were strong

You were determined to help me to feel like I belonged

Planting your feet in my corner

Pushing me to see my potential

Proving those diagnoses were simple



Even when I began to push you away because I wasn’t sure I could trust you

You pushed back with a firm “I Still love you”

That’s when I could clearly see, I’m yours


Today my wait is over

A new beginning for US

A New Name, New Love

New Family, New Me

New vision of life

A clear path in front of me


My wait is over




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