3 Poems By Adoptees That You Should Read

Poetry is a beautiful way to express deep emotions that are otherwise difficult to describe. Adoption is a unique combination of love and loss, especially for the adoptee. These three authors give a glimpse into their stories with their poetry.

1. This international adoptee, blogger “Happy Panda” writes about the connection she has with her birth mother.


Red thread

There is a red thread between two different kind of worlds,

One world with red dragons, incense and lantarns  I cannot remember,

I guess I lost her many years ago,

What she really was like, I will never ever know.

She changed very fast after I left her twenty years ago,

She is not the same anymore,

Neither am I,

We both changed in ways you can’t imagine,

Despite the distance, I still feel compassion.

There is a red thread crossing the big oceans and small seas,

All the way to the place I am right now; here,

This world I feel, smell, hear and see everyday,

It’s the world where I love, eat, work and pray.

This world taught and showed me so many beautiful things life has to offer,

I am living my dream because of her,

She gives me hope, freedom and protection,

She gives me motivation and takes me to the right direction.

There is a red thread between two kind of different worlds,

Both worlds taught me a different lesson,

One taught me my roots and family history,

While the other taught me to enjoy everyday cause the future is a big mystery.

2. Being adopted isn’t easy, and sometimes people sugarcoat it. Karen Belanger is raw and real in her poem “Denied,” a piece about the frustrations of sealed birth certificates.



DENIED – By The Government

poem by Karen Belanger

Assembling Self


I plead though they ignore my cries.


The record’s sealed is their reply.


Time and time again I ask.


I’m told to put it in the past.


I can’t get them to try and see.


They have what belongs to me.


I beg for truth but no one hears.


It only falls upon deaf ears.


I get no matter how I try.


The same stone cold response




3. Adoptee Keith shares a beautiful tribute to his birth mother.


To A Mother I Never Knew

© Keith


To a mother I never knew,

From a son who desperately misses you.


There were so many times I would imagine you,

But you would never appear.


And there were so many times I would cry for you,

Tear after tear.


I have even begged for you,

On both knees,

To please come save me, Mama,

Please, please, please.


And even as the years passed by,

I would never lose hope,

Because it was hope

That kept this little boy afloat.


I would daydream about the moment

When I would finally meet you,

And how I would cry and be speechless

Just to finally see you.


With my own two eyes,

Exactly how I had dreamed,

Angelic and beautiful

And as loving as you seemed.


But I’m all grown up now

With a son of my own,

And I try to give to him

What I’ve always wanted in a home.


I teach my son,

From the lessons that I’ve learned.

I teach him that love can’t be bought,

It can only be earned.


I’ve learned that sometimes love

Is so much harder to show than to say.

That’s how I know you truly loved me, Mama,

Because you’re not here with me today.


I can only imagine

The selfless love that it took

To say goodbye to your child

And take one last look.


To let him go,

In hopes that he can live a better life.

The pain must’ve felt

Like a dull serrated knife.


I miss you every day, Mama,

And I hope to see you soon.

But if not,

Then I’ll see you in my dreams tomorrow afternoon.

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